Many property management firms in Baltimore utilize us for tenant placement We are a trusted company to them and a valuable asset for them

Our Services

* We locate and screen tenants for your property

* We show your property to prospective tenants

* We secure a qualified tenant(s), or we receive NO PAY

* We have Section-8 and market tenants waiting for placements

* We offer free Section-8 rental inspection (non-licensed)

Preferred Choice Services

* We receive no pay unless we secure you a tenant

* NO exclusive contract

*We have simple, straightforward contracts

* We use plain, easy-to-read agreements

* We offer no specified time frame contracts

We Offer Seven Points of Screening

(Non-section-8 tenants ONLY)

* We inspect tenant’s previous home

* We perform employment verification, by phone, fax, & email

* We collect income documentation, by phone, fax, & email

* We speak with the current landlord. We hear what tenant(s) are not saying!

* We do credit and background checks (non-Section-8 Tenants Only)

* We do an Identification Verifications

For More Information Contact
Derrick Snowden

Office: 443-300-7133

402 E 25th Street Baltimore MD 21218